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Inbound tourism

In the summer season, we invite both individual guests and groups to the Krecik holiday centre. We offer a 5% discount for stays longer than 10 days.

Fishing cards can be purchased in Kretowiny in the Wodnik fish and chips shop.

The management of the centre makes every effort to facilitate the implementation of excursions. We will help in arranging transport, booking tickets, etc.

  1. The Ostróda-Elbląg Canal
  2. Open-air museum in Olsztynek
  3. Battlefield of Grunwald
  4. Malbork
  5. Frombork
  6. Morąg and Ostróda
  7. Gietrzwałd and Olsztyn
  8. Wilczy Szaniec and Św. Lipka


School and camping tourism

In May,  June and  September we organize camps for school children. Our accommodation for 100 spaces in various standards and at different prices allows us to meet the expectations of every customer. We propose the extension of the "Clean up the World" campaign and to take an active part in cleaning the area of Kretowiny, the coastline and the nearby forest. After a busy day, we provide relaxation by the fire with roasted sausages. All volunteers, organizations and school youth groups can take part in this action.

In the resort there are volleyball courts, a beach, designated bonfires, ping-pong tables, a football pitch, floating equipment.

Integration events

We organize integration events in order to build new relationships in the company’s internal team, better communication between employees. Such events can also be organized for individual groups.

We work with professional animation groups and trainers.


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