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The Recreation Center "Krecik" is located about 9 km from Morąg, 230 km from Warsaw, 120 km from Gdańsk. The easiest access is via E7 from Warsaw or Gdańsk. Coming from Warsaw, turn right behind Ostróda to Dobre Miasto, then left to Morąg and go to Zawrot, from where you should head for Kretowiny. While driving from the direction of Gdansk in Małdyty you should go to Morąg, then directly to Kretowiny.

e-mail: kretowiny@ekonarie.pl
e-mail: biuro@ekonarie.pl
tel./fax: +48 (89) 757 16 11
mobile: +48 601 918 060
mobile: +48 606 345 866


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